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Brutus Cracker’s Tool for mig33

dari dulu cari target biar bisa nembus mig33 server g’ bisa2 😀 sampe akhirnya sempet searching di google dengan bermacam keywords, ternyata banyak reposting yang disana dibubuhkan nick mig33 : ahmad_doank. Lanjutkan membaca ‘Brutus Cracker’s Tool for mig33′


Brutus AET 2000 Password Cracker’s Tool

Brutus – Introduction & Overview Jan 28th 2000

What does Brutus do?

In simple terms, Brutus is an online or remote password cracker. More specifically it is a remote interactive authentication agent. Brutus is used to recover valid access tokens (usually a username and password) for a given target system. Examples of a supported target system might be an FTP server, a password protected web page, a router console a POP3 server etc. It is used primarily in two contexts :


Wordpress Emoticons

What Text Do I Type to Make Smileys?

Smiley images and the text used to produce them*:

icon text text full text icon full text
smile : ) : -) : smile : lol : lol :
biggrin : D 😀 : grin : redface : oops  :
sad : ( 😦 : sad : cry : cry :
surprised : o : -o : eek : evil : evil :
eek 8 O 8 -O : shock : twisted : twisted :
confused : ? : -? : ??? : rolleyes : roll :
cool 8 ) 8 -) : cool  : exclaim : ! :
mad : x : -x : mad : question : ? :
razz : P : -P : razz : idea : idea :
neutral : | : -| : neutral : arrow : arrow :
wink ; ) ; -) : wink : mrgreen : mrgreen :

* In some instances, multiple text options are available to display the same smiley.

stick the code, don’t use space in emoticon code.

full of this article can be viewed at


Mig33 and MXIT

Everyone has been talking about it, doing it, experiencing a new sub culture of trend. Chatting for cheaper it is, it has become the latest dating and friendship making avenue and also the tool for predators alike to commit heinous crimes.
As sending and receiving data over mobile networks becomes more prevalent, companies are launching new applications and hardware to make entering text messages easier and faster. Vendors are being driven to release products because of increased popularity of WAP (wireless application protocol) services, mobile e-mail, mobile microbrowsers and SMS (short messaging service).
Indianspice went undercover into the matrix of mig33 and that of mxit to understand this long existent medium of communication.

About the mobile chat applications
Mig33 is a chat tool that you can install on any phone that will allow you to message other Mig33 users anywhere in the world. All you need to become part of the network is to have a GPRS enabled mobile phone and a quick setup of the application to your cell phone.

Mxit is the alternative application that has swept South Africa by storm. Most Mxit users are more at ease with this application as they have been using it for a longer period of time. But it has its disadvantages for use. For one the creator of Mxit regulates the varied rooms and charges for you to interact in the Chat rooms. It even has its own currency called Moola’s that allow you to send a set amount of messages in a Chat room. After you have exhausted your funds, its time for you to buy more Moola’s.

Usability of the applications
Mig33 is more savvy in its approach to design and user end usage. You just got to be fast on the draw in the chatrooms to get your say in the chat room. In a matter of seconds the topic can change amongst the users and your point of say can be seen as old news.

Mxit is slower in approach and the chat rooms are very boring. I understand the creators logical approach to limit users to their geographic location for all intents and purposes of interaction and filtered marketing strategies but its still not the way to go. Note to Mxit: Remember there is freedom of speech and the masses will find a way to override it.

Mig33 is more flexible. How you might ask? It’s the choice of the users to create rooms by their choice of topic and intent. You may create rooms for your own pleasure and entertainment for your mates and also interact in other rooms. The slick and nifty design of the Graphic User interface is also wicked.

How much does it cost?
Mig33 is actually free believe it or not. All that you get charged for is the browsing time you spend on having your GPRS connection enabled.

Mxit, however is not free. Here you are charged for each message you send on the application for a mere 2 cents per message. And then also its your GPRS cost as well.

Safety and privacy
Privacy is one thing we all want to maintain if we are a mxit or mig33 user. But there is the dumb lot of people that just never learn. So I went off in the direction of hacking.

I hooked up with a just one person that has hacked hundreds of Mxit accounts and even did a few right in front of me. Mxit is more vulnerable to hacking than Mig33. For one to hack Mxit accounts its simple you either get to know one person and chain react a series of interesting questions to them and eventually get to their pin for Mxit.

Then the technology side has a few cracker tools to punch in a Mxit users nickname and it will process a new password for that Mxit users account without them knowing.

The algorithm for verification of the user is not that secure from what I could see when this kid did it for me. Yes I say KID as this desi boy is just 18 years old.

He (lets call him Warlock) admitted that Mxit is easier than Mig33. For hacking Mig33 he has yet to accomplish this. Right now Warlock has decided to stick with knocking out Mxit accounts and more so he does it from his phone. No fancy laptop or desktop.

Exploring the persona of the individuals in these chat rooms

The average mxit person is open to psychologically changing their style of communication to other Mxit users. There are some of those that are in the rooms that are totally geekified but go thru a make over to become the HotStud as their nickname (in internet speak the word for nickname is Handle). The same for the real life bikini babe to christen herself as SuperWoman. Its for some, an escape from reality to mould a new identity. For others, it’s a chat tool to keep in touch with friends and meet new friends for purposes that may vary.

Mig33 on the other is more aggressive, for the South African user it’s a new tool to them still. And there are many Mxit users that are slowly being converted from Mxit to Mig33.

The urban Jungle of Chat
For the urban metrosexual, ubersexual, hottie babe it’s a tool to meet friends, find a date and a host of other activities and intents. Some we shall not speak of mind you.

The office worker gets hooked too
For the average Joe Soap that uses a pc, they have become hooked on other chat applications that allow them to interact with friends, family and co-workers. Some of the more popular applications are MSN, Yahoo, Google Chat, AIM etc. so with that in focus it seemed a like a pretty good idea to stay online as much as possible so it was possible for Mxit and Mig33 to integrate the flexibility of allowing Joe Soap to sign in with his chat accounts. Both Mxit and Mig33 allow you to sign on your MSN accounts to their chat applications so even when you away from your PC you may still have access to chatting to their friends, family and co-workers. A plus and a bargain, to always be online.

What are these you may ask. Well they are a series input combinations that will allow text to convert to images for example to show a smiley face you would punch in on your phone : ) this would convert to the smiley face. There are many varied types.

Now that we have introduced you to the mobile chat world, here give it a try to see what we are talking about, what everyone is doing out in the World Wide Web of Mobile

For Mxit
Just go to from your phone, select your make and model and download.For more information on Mxit click here

For Mig33

grabbed from N/A


Jadwal kegiatan sehari hari jadi runyam (CMIIW please)

huh…. mo digimanain lagi… kemarin udah istirahat buat hari ini biar bisa siap siap buat pulang kampung ke pekalongan malah akhirnya g’ jadi hari ini, dasar emang dah kebiasaan mengulur ulur waktu 😳 (emang dah budaya mungkin yach :evil:)

padahal bisa dibilang hari ini hari yang juga penting untuk saya agar pulkam, haduh haduh………. 😥

kronologi :

pagi-pagi benar sekitar jam 04.30 WIB saya beranjak dari tempat tidur, mematikan alarm dan bergegas ke keran terdekat untuk mengadu mengadu pada Sang Kuasa, setelah itu untuk mengisi kegiatan saya yang lainnya saya sempatkan untuk menilik website yang saya kelola ( untuk sedikit meng input data. Lanjutkan membaca ‘Jadwal kegiatan sehari hari jadi runyam (CMIIW please)’


Web Design Tips

When someone sees a beautiful web design, he or she can’t help but fall in love with it and wonder how it was done. However, designing a web would take more than just your knowledge in color, texts and images. It involves codes. But you can learn those in no time so there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover, there is a science behind web design and the following could help you be more scientific with your designs

Usability Testing

The secret here is to let someone who is not familiar with your site have a look at it. As much as possible, be in the room while they are testing your site. Take note of the things that they click on and the things that they ignore so you will know what to improve. Lanjutkan membaca ‘Web Design Tips’


Web Design Basics

When designing something, a designer should first go through the basics of designing. Whether he is designing a print design or web design, he must know the dos and do not’s. The following items will help you know the basics of web designing as well as some techniques that are specific to coming out with the best web layout.

1. Create a design that seems friendly.

There are actually a lot of web designs that scare people away and not attract them. If you want people to return to your website, make it soothing and light. Keep your site as friendly as possible.

2. Create a great homepage

When designing your website, you should keep in mind to conceptualize a homepage that would attract your viewers. Remember that the first page that your customers see can also be the last. So learn to create a page that will attract your visitor’s attention and then draw them deeper into your site.

3. Keep in mind the principles in designing web sites

Remember to apply your design principles such as balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm and unity. This will serve as your guide and will help you conceptualize a good web design.

4. Think small in terms of graphics

Slow pages can be really very annoying. Whether you like it or not, one cause of slowing the pages is large graphics. To avoid such problem think of using images with a size of 10-12 kb. Lanjutkan membaca ‘Web Design Basics’

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